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MC850 Control and Reporting Application

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MC850 Control and Reporting Application

Stewart Audio's Control and Reporting Application allows the user to discover, setup, control, and receive status information on all network controlled Stewart Audio products. The initial release discovers all MC850 models, allows monitoring of input or output signal levels, and provides channel-by-channel and master trim and mute functions. Sleep mode settings can be configured. The control port IP address can be set to DHCP or fixed. Power can be allocated among the channels (LZ and MXZ models). There are real-time temperature indicators, as well as amplifier fault status and logging.

All these functions are easily configured and displayed via an intuitive, uncluttered, graphic-driven PC application. Windows 7 or higher operating system is required. A wired or wireless connection to the network can be used.

Click here to download the MC850 Control and Reporting Application v1.0.2.8 [Windows Installer]
Uninstall previous version (if any) before installing a new version.

New Firmware Version Released for the MC850 Series Amplifiers

Stewart Audio has released firmware version 0.41 for the MC850. It is to be used with MC850 Control and Reporting Application software version You can check the current firmware version of your hardware on the system screen of the MC850 Control and Reporting application (MC850 C&R app). You can also check the current application version by selecting Program tab and About... from the dropdown menu.

It is simplest to upgrade the firmware in the MC850(s) first, then upgrade the Control and Reporting application software. Start by downloading the firmware (.hex) file by clicking here. You will also need the PIC32 Bootloader Application. Click here to download the bootloader application.

Start the MC850 Control and Reporting application in "update mode" by adding the word update to the shortcut target line. Right click the MC850 Control and Reporting application shortcut icon and select Properties. In the target line, add a space then the word update. The target will then look like this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Stewart Audio\MC850 App\Stewart Audio MC850 App.exe" update. From the MC850 C&R System Status screen, double click the amplifier you wish to upgrade. This will bring up the Device Status screen for that amplifier. On the Setup tab of the Device Status screen, click the Update Firmware button in the top right corner. This will cause the signal present LEDs on the back of the amplifier to flash.

Double click the PIC32UBL.exe program where you downloaded it. Check the enable box in the Ethernet section. Enter the IP address of the amplifier you are upgrading (from the MC850 C&R System Status screen). Click the Connect button. Next click the Load Hex file button. Navigate to the downloaded hex file and click the Erase-Program-Verify button. When the upgrade is completed, click the Run Application button, then click the Disconnect button.

The firmware is updated for this amplifier. Repeat this process for all additional amplifiers you wish to upgrade.

After all amplifiers havebeen upgraded, close the PIC32UBL application and the MC850 C&R application. Download the version of the C&R appliaction from the above link. If you have a previous version of the MC850 C&R application on your PC, uninstall it before installing the new version. Then double click the previously downloaded hex file to start the installation.