Stewart Audio

Updating Dante Firmware

From time to time Audinate releases new versions of their firmware to resolve problems or add features. To update your Dante-enabled Stewart Audio product to the most recent firmware version, follow the instructions below.

1. Download the firmware for your Stewart Audio product by clicking the appropriate link below. Check the current version for each Audinate IC type below so see if an update is needed.

    Ultimo ULT:
    Ultimo UXT:
    Brooklyn II:

AV8-2-LZ-D CVA40-1-CV-D DSP100-2-CV-D FLX320-1-CV-D
AV20-2-LZ-D CVA50-1 NET FLX80-4-LZ-D MC850-LZ-D
AV25-2 NET CVA50-1 NET+ FLX80-4-CV-D MC850-CV-D
AV25-2 NET+ DSP100-1-CV-D FLX160-2-LZ-D MC850-MXZ-D
CVA16-1-CV-D DSP100-2-LZ-D FLX160-2-CV-D NET AV I/O 2x2

2. Click to download Dante Update Firmware Manager

3. Install and run Dante Firmware Update Manager

4. Select the network interface used for Dante connections from the drop-down menu and click "next".

5. Ensure all relevane Dante devices are powered up. We recommend powering down all devices that do not require this update.

6. Click "Update Dante Firmware".

7. Click "Browse" and navigate to the firmware file you downloaded. Do not click "Override Device Matching". Click "Next".

8. Tick the box(es) on the left to select the device(s) you wish to update and click "Start".

9. The firmware update(s) will now be performed. When the update(s) is(are) complete, a message will be displayed. Click "OK". Power cycle all devices that have been updated so the update is effective.

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