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RS-232 and IR Adapter for Amplifiers with RVC

The RVC-RS232-IR box will easily retrofit any amplifier with a Remote Volume Control (RVC) port to receive RS-232 or Infrared volume commands.

  • • Enables RS232 communication on any amplifier
    with a 5-12VDC RVC port
  • • Infrared option available (RC5 Protocol)
  • • Small package allows for easy mounting
  • • Ideal for retrofitting existing amplifiers
  • • Requires no external power suppply.
Standard | With IR (Click Image to Zoom)
This easy-to-use accessory interfaces with any power amplifier equipped with a Remote Volume Control (RVC) Euro block connector - such as our CVA25, CVA50, CVA100-2, and CVA50MX models - to remotely manage volume. This handy interface brings increased accessibility and convenience to a multitude of sound reinforcement environments and enables consultants, system designers, and integrators to easily add a routinely asked for feature to both existing and forthcoming designs.

The Stewart Audio RVC-RS232 interface enables any amplifier with a 5-12VDC RVC connector to be remotely controlled using standard RS-232 commands. The commands available are Increase, Decrease or Mute Volume and include the ability to send discrete values. By adding the optionally available IR plug-in option, the system adds the convenience of infrared remote (IR) control.

The new Stewart Audio RVC-RS232 interface requires no external power supply. Power is provided by the amplifier's RVC connector - thus eliminating the need for additional power sources and costly labor. Equally notable, this small affordable package enables the RVC-RS232 to reside adjacent to the amplifier or be placed some distance away, thus providing the utmost convenience for installer and end user alike.

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