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4 Channel DSP-Enabled Amplifier
4 x 80W @ 70/100V

The FLX-E-80-4-CV is a 4 channel, 70V/100V, 1/2 rack amplifier delivering 80W per channel with built in DSP, Ethernet control & reporting, secondary RS-232 control and remote volume control.

  • • Onboard DSP for signal routing and filtering
  • • Ethernet configuration, control & reporting
  • • Pre-mix level control
  • • 4 analog inputs (4 line/mic; 2 w/ phantom power)
  • • Not Dante™ Networked (See FLX-E-80-4-CV-D)
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The FLX-E (pronounced FLEX-E) Series of amplifiers is the most versatile 1/2 rack amplifier Stewart has ever produced. The FLX-E-80-4-CV provides 80 watts from each of the four 70/100V output channels. At the heart of the amplifier is a robust, internal, full-function DSP designed to solve a multitude of your audio problems in just one enclosure. The DSP includes a full cross-point mixer, pre-mix level control, EQ, filters, limiters and much more. An Ethernet port makes programming simple, fast and repeatable for large installations. The Ethernet, RVC and RS-232 control allow volume control from a wide range of devices. You won't find a more flexible combination of power output and processing in a comparable package on the market today.


Mount one half-rack amplifier (DSP100 or FLX Series) in a single rack-space (1U).

Mount two half-rack amplifiers (DSP100 or FLX Series) in a single rack-space (1U).

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